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We are a small team of goal-oriented people that create solutions and have fun while doing it. We take pride in the work that we do and continue to improve ourselves each day by pushing all necessary boundaries.

Our Projects - unique printables and affordable prints

coPrinted is a leading online printable generator. With over 1000 designs, the possibility to customize any color and text on the designs all topped with an instant generation of high-quality print files, makes it clear why we're the number one choice for more than 15000 members.

We have a card design suited for any event, with the flexibility of interchanging content for the event just by customizing the text. We have recently partnered with McKenzieCrest Inc., a family owned business with more than 25 years of experience in the print industry, a company that shares our values of providing the best service for a fraction of the cost, to provide printing services in the US.

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Battle of Gods - turn based strategy game (open beta)

Battle of Gods LogoBattle of Gods is a game set in the fantasy world of Xandina. Take control of one of the 6 factions (humans, undead, elves, demons, elementals & orcs) and lead your hero on the path of ascension.

The game was gracefully crafted in a board-game style where your purpose is to explore each campaign and map available by moving your hero pawn to reach Kolin Port. On your travels you will encounter over 150 monsters types and almost 100 bosses each with their own set of skills, prepared to end your journey. The battle is carried out on a chess board like setting where each move you make influences the outcome.

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